1:1 Book Publishing Packages

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.03.17 PMDone For You: The Paperback Premium Experience  

You write the book and submit a polished manuscript and then sit back and wait for your proof to arrive!

Investment starts at $4997.00 plus tax
A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold your spot in the production calendar. This allows you to book in advance of when you will be ready to submit your manuscript. It also allows all resources to be aligned for your project.

*** Currently booking into January of 2018***


If you decide to go with a 1:1 book-publishing package from STOKE Publishing, Jennifer will personally manage your entire project. If you are looking for something less expensive, with more DIY options, then you should consider the WILDFIRE Mastermind.

How This Worksamazonbestseller

You apply for acceptance into one of the 1:1 Book Publishing Package Rotation. The application process allows us to learn where you are in the process, how well we can support your needs, and if we are a good fit. Because these packages are highly work intensive, they must be scheduled in advance (and require a non-refundable $500 deposit) to ensure adequate resources for each author. If you are wanting to schedule a launch for a specific date, you need to understand that book publishing is a process and rushed book publishing is often a disaster. Let’s plan your launch well in advance!

We want to create high quality, beautifully crafted books. This takes time.

Once your application has been accepted and STOKE Publishing has agreed to begin your book project, all required information must be submitted to STOKE Publishing. Do not apply for The Premium Experience unless you have a completed draft of your book ready to submit or alternatively, apply for a future date knowing your draft will be complete when your start date rolls around.

NOTE: If you are still in the process of trying to figure out how to translate your ideas into a book, consider contacting Jennifer for a Consultation Session. Jennifer can work with you to map out your book ideas with a much smaller investment and then you can go away and get to work with a manageable plan. You may even come away with several new ideas for creating a solid book funnel. When you are ready to move into the Premium Experience, you can apply knowing you have done the initial work. This allows you to invest a little money up front to ensure you are working in a focused manner and then the customized work can begin immediately once we connect again. 

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What’s Included/The Process:

  • You submit a final draft to STOKE Publishing and Jennifer will do a marketing read through of the final draft to ensure that you have elements in your book that can help you meet your project objectives.  Jennifer may also suggest companion products and other publications that would compliment your main publication, thereby expanding the impact of your book funnel and your reach which can help you grow your business and your tribe.
  • If your “final draft” is not as complete as you thought, we will discuss how best to move forward so you have a high quality publication. Please keep in mind that the goal is to move you from book to print within approximately three months, but this timeline can be easily impacted by manuscripts requiring additional edits.  Editing is not included in the price of this package because writing ability is highly variable but I can refer you to editors to help you move through this process with ease.
  • Cover design for Paperback – Print ready PDF file. You will be required to submit any content you want for the cover in final polished format: short author bio (longer one can go in the book), head shot, book description, quotes from advance readers that you want on the cover, brand colours, brand fonts, title and subtitle. Please also include reference to a couple of book covers you love so that we have a better understanding of what you are wanting in a cover design.
  • Interior design for Paperback – Print ready PDF file. (5×8/6×9) More customized interiors may warrant additional expense.
  • Set up of KDP account and conversion to Kindle… NOW INCLUDED. A Video Tutorial on how to run your own book KDP book campaigns will be provided.
  • ISBN under the STOKE Publishing Imprint.
  • Creation and management of your Amazon publishing accounts (until your book is ready to launch): CreateSpace, KDP, and Author Central. There is no need for you to get lost and overwhelmed in the details. You will be required to login to some accounts to complete banking and tax information. These accounts must be in a legal name/business name and connect to bank accounts with the same name. I manage the uploading and back end stuff so your account is ready to go. You provide the content to me as we identify what we need.
  • Submission of all book elements and set up of your book on Amazon: categories, book description, keywords, etc. You will be responsible for submitting an EDITED & POST READY book description, book summary (for back cover), author photo & bio, and any additional information that is required for the book cover and promotional copy.
  • A proof of your book: When your book is complete, a physical proof will be shipped to you for review. It is your responsibility to read over the book and look at it closely for any errors. If you are happy with your book, we can make it live on Amazon.com and it will populate the other distribution channels in the coming weeks (like amazon.ca). If there are some small errors or issues, they will be fixed and a second proof will be sent to you. STOKE Publishing is not responsible for errors that are made with CreateSpace’s printing and creation process. Two proof rounds are included, but beyond that there would be extra expense. This is why we want polished, final content. Little typos can be easily fixed. Redesigning interiors because of huge content overhaul is not part of this.
  • If you are purchasing an add-on service like Conversion to Kindle – the conversion takes place once the final book is approved. The conversion to Kindle is required for any bestseller campaigns.
  • Creation of Author Central page: We will need an author bio, headshots, links to your blog and short videos (within size limits) you want highlighted. This is prime author real estate!
  • Coaching calls & emails: While the majority of our correspondence will be through email, we will meet on Zoom to initially discuss the project and make sure we share a common understanding of the project and the goals. Calls will be arranged on an as needed basis and you will be kept informed of the project’s progress. I am your go-to person so you can reach out as needed. When you enter into a 1 on 1 book project with me, your project is my main focus.
  • Addition to the STOKE Publishing’s Book Promo Facebook Group so you have access to additional marketing resources.


  • Editing Services
  • Kindle Bestseller Campaign
  • Development of an Author Website/Platform
  • Book Trailers
  • Other as discussed

When you are accepted into the 1:1 Book Publishing Rotation, the following 3-5 months will be busy. While you are writing, polishing and pulling your book together, we are creating and aligning all of the other variables that make for a successful book launch. We will then gather everything together and get your book to print so you can view a physical proof before you officially launch the book.

If you do not have an author platform, you will want to begin thinking about who your readers are and where you will find them. If you have no following, who will buy your books? Additional tools and resources will be suggested to help you build your book business, grow your list and share your story but these additional tools are NOT part of this package. We can discuss what some of these needs will be on our regular calls. If you do not have an author platform (or a list) we will discuss ways to market your book through the creation process so you have a solid idea for how to begin.

Are you ready to make this happen?